Here are somethings that we do
We work globally from Bangalore

Our program is designed to be followed across globe. We connect with our clients over Zoom, WhatsApp call or Rustic Wisdom App as per their convenience. If you are in Bangalore, we would love to have a conversation over a cup of chai at our HSR dugout in Bangalore. 

We work with everyone

We have a team of expert in Bangalore that includes Dietician, Nutritionists, Habit and Lifestyle coaches to give a personalized experience. With our varied and rich experience, we have helped from students to CEOs, Professionals to celebrities, housewives to working women to achieve their peak health. 

We can solve (almost) every health problem

We have a diverse and varied clients ranging from general weight loss to women suffering from PCOD/PCOS issues. We have helped people solve their hypothyroid problem, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, hypertension, hormonal imbalance, infertility, fatty liver, anxiety, mood swing, depression, low immunity to name a few.

Meet our Founder & CEO

Manoj Kumar Ganesan

Manoj graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from NIT, Trichy and was working in the IT industry.  with a slew of MNCs like Oracle, HP, IBM before he began his entrepreneurial journey.

Manoj was fully involved in his venture for over a decade. That’s when he ended up in a yoga program that touched him deeply. He has been practicing yoga ever since without missing a day for many years now. He says “Though it’s not the ultimate aim of practicing yoga, physiological and psychological changes I had experienced in these years were too good to be true!

Within few months of practicing kriya yoga, he became more conscious of his tendencies and compulsions. Manoj admits “I always had the compulsion to over eat all my life.” With this heightened awareness, his food intake dropped by almost 50% without any deliberate use of will power. That made him go deeper to explore advanced yoga programs and yogic diet. He spent many years experimenting, reading, listening and attending workshops extensively on this subject. Changing the way of eating has profound impact on the ease with which our entire system functions. Within few months his energy levels rose, need for sleep or rest came down dramatically. His clarity of thought and level of perception were noticeably enhanced. He says ”The clarity with which I could make decisions in my business, our revenue doubled in 1 year which I couldn’t do in 7 years.

Once his wife, Priya observed all these changes in him, she started practicing yoga consistently and she too reaped the benefits instantly. She says “We were too overwhelmed with the results. We decided to make it our endeavor to share what we had accidentally stumbled upon. That’s how this whole idea was born. We happened to share our experience with our friend Jyothi. Jyothi with her nutrition background, helped us bringing in the nutrition aspect to this diet and the tracking mechanism.” She beautifully brought this vision into a living reality with her nutrition knowledge and experience of working with numerous clients. Ever since then hundreds of people have benefited through this program across the world.