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28th January 2023

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Manoj graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from NIT, Trichy and was working in the IT industry. He ended up in a yoga program that touched him deeply.

Manoj admits “I always had the compulsion to over eat all my life.” Within few months of practicing yoga, his food intake dropped by 50%. He has been practicing yoga without missing a day for 5 years now.

He spent many years experimenting, reading, listening and attending workshops extensively on this subject. Overwhelmed with the results, he decided to make it an endeavor to share what he had accidentally stumbled upon.

Success Stories

➤ 6000+ people have lost weight sustainably across 15+ countries. ➤ Significant improvement in Digestive health, Energy levels and feeling of well-being and vibrancy. ➤ Thousands of people could successfully adopt holistic lifestyle changes to gradually heal lifestyle. disorders like diabetes, pcod, pcos, thyroid and joint pain. ➤ Hundreds of women healed from within and conceived naturally.

All your questions Answered

➤ Why do our sincere efforts for losing weight fail?
➤ Do we lack will power or understanding?
➤ How does food get processed in our body?
➤ Reasons for weight loss rebound
➤ If it possible to reverse hormonal imbalances?
➤ How to create heathy habits that last forever?

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