Fitness – Our unkept Promises

Every New year, thanks to our resolutions, the gym annual subscription numbers hit the peak!  No wonder we can’t find a parking space near a gym on the first 2 week of the year. Third week onward, we can park in a place of our choice 🙂

And we are back on our perennial guilt trip.

Or we think it is lack of equipment and we buy a treadmill. And we end up using it more for drying our towels and inners 😊 more than for work outs. One more grave reminder of a weak will power!

Our unpredictable work schedules and hugely demanding lifestyles contribute to this, more than our lack of will power. If we can learn some simple yogic practices or at-home work outs that can be flexibly accommodated in our packed calendars and even during vacations, all we need would be a 6 feet space to sustain it!

It’s very important to understand that “We gain or lose weight more because of what we eat than how much work out we do.” We hit the gym for 2 hours, exhaust our will power and then eat unmindfully. No wonder we end up not losing much weight despite massive efforts.

Willpower is always limited. When we pull the pendulum towards one side and leave, invariably it is going to swing to the other side by the same distance. There is a yin and a yang. When we use our will to follow a diet and exercise regime that we don’t enjoy following, we would be subconsciously counting the days left for the program to get over. Then definitely we are going to go back to our old ways of eating and gradually gain back in 6 months what we lost in 3 months. What’s the point of expending enormous will, time & money and getting back to where we were?!

Practicing kriya yoga does the exact opposite. It increases your awareness. With the heightened awareness, cravings for food comes down along with other compulsions of the mind, if done right. For every person we have worked with, food intake drops by 40-50% without any deliberate use of will power. As our mental focus and clarity improves with yoga, our commitment to stay steady with our yoga practice is enhanced. With sustained regular practice, food cravings don’t make a comeback. And, we start spiraling up! This leads to sustainable weight loss without expending much of will.

As mental health is becoming a growing concern, regular yoga practice and a yogic diet would also greatly enhance our equanimity and emotional balance.