Food was a way of rejuvenating myself…. My biggest stress buster, beyond movies and TV and the Internet. It obviously had its consequences.

I was a sportsman most of my life, now I was struggling to last beyond 20 mins on a football court. I knew, I was in bad shape physically and was desperate to change it all. Rustic Wisdom was a godsend. It was not only what I wanted, but something I needed.

My lifestyle changed completely. I have never been this healthier for more than a decade now. The best part is the effortless maintenance that comes with the understanding of what’s right for your body. After 20 kgs lighter, gratitude is what I have for Rustic Wisdom! Being able to help others in this journey now, is definitely the other, and the better end of the spectrum. Nailing the science of Healthy Living, courtesy Rustic Wisdom.