Born in Mumbai, treating myself with various street food was usual. This did not have any impact on me till my college days. Reality soon started kicking in when I started working. Initial 2 – 3 years, though I gained 7 – 8 kgs, I was okay with it because I thought it was normal to gain weight due to no physical activity and sitting in one place for long hours. Within the next 6 – 7 years, I gained 15 – 20 kgs which I hadn’t thought of in my wildest dreams. That’s when I started working on my weight loss by joining gyms, dance fit classes, yoga, having early dinner, skipping meals but nothing gave me results. Thank you will never be enough to show gratitude to Rustic Wisdom’s team for coming up with a customized weight loss program that suits my body type and meets my body and lifestyle requirements in such a way that I can sustain it for a lifetime.