I was never concerned about my weight as I always felt I’m healthy. But once I approached 40, I could feel a drop in my energy levels. I couldn’t move as quickly as I used to. I had to stick my stomach in, for all the pics, with great cameras, picking the belly fat. Wearing socks and tying shoes was becoming a project every morning with a fatty stomach. It was ENOUGH when my daughter said when will this belly go inside? That’s when I decided to get in touch with Rustic Wisdom and get enrolled in their weight management program, which I found very comfortable in comparison to what I thought otherwise.

After I lost 10 kgs in 2.5 months it feels like I have moved the clock back at least 5 years. My body fat % & BMI has come to the normal range from being very high. I have energy levels high the entire day, in fact, I start my day a couple of hours earlier now as I don’t feel like sleeping long. Also, my daughter is happy to take selfies with me. That’s my most precious WIN.