Being in sports and athletics, I never imagined that I would have to do weight loss ever. Never cared about food or nutrition before. But my body was responding well to all my habits and over time I entered the overweight category with a Uric Acid issue.

Rustic Wisdom, fortunately, helped me to understand the science behind the holistic way of living and the nutrition needs of a healthy body.
● Decreased my Visceral fat from 12 to 5.5.
● Reached at a body age of 30 from 48. So younger with time.
● Came out of Uric Acid problem (7.6 mg/dL to 5.6 mg/dL).
All my blood lipid levels came to the best ranges after following this and saw improvement in my energy levels, sleep patterns, hunger pangs, and immune health.

“Following a health coach and committing to simple lifestyle changes was the key for me.”
My sincere gratitude to Rustic Wisdom for entering my life at the right time and helping me with a
the healthy program which I am able to follow every day without much effort.