I was always in my ideal weight pre-pregnancy but during pregnancy, I gained 10+ kgs of weight, and post-pregnancy it was very difficult for me to lose that. I did morning walk, exercising in the gym, But I didn’t lose much as I was not following a proper diet.

I was eating more of white carbs those days, being from Andhra eating white rice in two meals was a must. With the help of the Rustic Wisdom team when I started following a proper diet with complex carbs especially millets and cutting down on white carbs had shown me very good results in terms of my fat weight loss.

I not only lost 11 kgs of weight in 3 months but I also lost 11.5 kgs fat by gaining 2 kgs of muscle which helped me to gain fitness and good body shape. I can say that weight loss is one of my biggest achievements that I am really grateful for!