Inner Science Vs Modern Science

In our ancient system, food was never looked at as a commodity that provides proteins, vitamins, minerals and calories. They saw food as a life-making material. They looked at food in terms of Prana. Prana means energy. Everything that we eat has an impact on our energy system.

Certain foods can make our body more vibrant and healthier. Certain other foods can suck our energies and pull our system down, reducing our productivity, clarity, perception, mental sharpness and overall health.

In this land, there were no rules or commandments when it comes to food. There is nothing like these are forbidden. We never made a religion out of food – vegetarianism, veganism etc. People ate sensibly based on what kind of life they live because what we eat has a significant impact on our bodies and minds. People who chose their life’s work in the field of art ate differently from those who chose to serve in the army, run businesses or pursue spirituality.

In the marketplace, non-stick pans, refined oil and microwave ovens were considered to be very useful scientific inventions before their ill effects were researched. The scientific community keeps changing what they said last year, based on today’s research. When it comes to food, scientific research is still going on – fat or protein or carbohydrate – which one and in what proportion, would make a better fuel for our body. None of us would be surprised if they go back on what they said, every few years, with a newly published journal.

What kind of food is conducive to the human system was established in India with absolute precision by yogis by observing their own system about 15000 years ago and they have, never once, gone back on it ever since.

What Inner Science arrives at, based on awareness, might take ages and billions of dollars of research to get there! If at all…

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