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Our endeavor is to bring the ancient wisdom of our land to enable our body and mind to function at its very best.

Every New year, thanks to our resolutions, the gym annual subscription numbers hit the peak!  No wonder we can’t find a parking space near a gym on the first  … (continue reading)

In our ancient system, food was never looked at, as a commodity that provides proteins, vitamins, minerals and calories. They saw food as … (continue reading)

Feeling Fabulously Fit at Forty

I was never concerned about my weight as I always felt I’m healthy. But once I approached 40, I could feel a drop in my energy levels. I couldn’t move… Read more “Feeling Fabulously Fit at Forty”

Abhinav Bhatnagar

Feeling Younger, Lighter and Energetic

I lost 11.7 kgs in 3 months. I am thankful to the Rustic Wisdom team for helping me in my journey. I gained around 10+ kgs in two years because… Read more “Feeling Younger, Lighter and Energetic”


“Post partum to FIT consultant”

I was always in my ideal weight pre-pregnancy but during pregnancy, I gained 10+ kgs of weight, and post-pregnancy it was very difficult for me to lose that. I did… Read more ““Post partum to FIT consultant””


Can last a full football game now 🙂

Food was a way of rejuvenating myself…. My biggest stress buster, beyond movies and TV and the Internet. It obviously had its consequences. I was a sportsman most of my… Read more “Can last a full football game now :)”

Sarat Chandra K

Getting healthier each day

Being in sports and athletics, I never imagined that I would have to do weight loss ever. Never cared about food or nutrition before. But my body was responding well… Read more “Getting healthier each day”


Healthy Living Is A Choice

Due to my sweet cravings, I would always end up eating more sweets and had stacked up a lot of fat around my belly. As per the program suggested by… Read more “Healthy Living Is A Choice”

Ajit Prabhu

From “Why Food ?” to “In Love with Food.”

2019, I lost around 9 Kgs in 1 year because of a bad lifestyle, and horrible food habits. I had lost my appetite to eat food and within no time,… Read more “From “Why Food ?” to “In Love with Food.””

Harsha Ketaraju

It’s Not A Diet, It’s A Lifestyle Change

I was overweight by 20+ Kg’s and struggling with the URIC acid issue. Being a foodie, I always used to eat a lot and enjoy food. Tried different ways to… Read more “It’s Not A Diet, It’s A Lifestyle Change”

Satheesh Mekala

Super fit dad

I have lost weight many times before, but it was never to the extent that I wanted, which is ‘my ideal BMI’. Since it required me to go to the… Read more “Super fit dad”


Now food is fuelling my body, not emotions!!

Being a nutritionist, who teaches people how to eat, I was struggling with my weight, and my self-confidence was becoming non-existent. The program from Rustic Wisdom, made me realize how… Read more “Now food is fuelling my body, not emotions!!”


Overcame Insulin Insensitivity holistically

I had always been aware that I was overweight. I would be out of breath while climbing a short flight of stairs. In a way I had conditioned myself to… Read more “Overcame Insulin Insensitivity holistically”

Waliyya Baig

Double chin to double smile

I am coming from a background where food was always the main attraction of our family gatherings. Hence I developed a double chin over a period and getting rid of… Read more “Double chin to double smile”

Soniya Prabhu

Mindless eating to mindful eating

Being a foodie, I always liked eating outside and used to do late-night binging. Food used to be a stress buster for me. Whenever I worked hard or felt stressed… Read more “Mindless eating to mindful eating”

Hari Shankar


Having belly fat is embarrassing. So, I enrolled myself in Rustic Wisdom, wanting to get rid of my belly fat and improve my overall fitness. Through their amazing weight loss… Read more “No more BELLY FAT”

Sathish Sirigere

A dream Postpartum Journey

Weight loss was a category that I never thought I would belong to. Post-pregnancy I had put on 12kg’s and it was a little scary for me when I had… Read more “A dream Postpartum Journey”

Zahiya Sahel

Optimal health is a reality now

I used to be involved in athletics, football, etc. Once I started working in the software industry, slowly all those were out of my routine. The last few years of… Read more “Optimal health is a reality now”

Vijai Selvasekaran

Uncle belly to flat abs

From childhood I was always healthy and fit, but due to a sedentary lifestyle in my profession, I started accumulating a lot of belly fat. I heard weight loss is… Read more “Uncle belly to flat abs”

Arun Kumar

Body Transformation is a mind game

“To change your body you must first change your mind.” That’s true, I realized when I started this program with the RW team. For many years under the influence of… Read more “Body Transformation is a mind game”

Deepak A

Beautifully rebuilt my body like a Temple!!

Sleepless nights despite having time to sleep, laziness despite having a handful of work, embarrassing situations due to being overweight, tiredness, indiscipline in daily routine activities, irregular food habits, anxiety,… Read more “Beautifully rebuilt my body like a Temple!!”

Sudarshan Reddy D N

Feeling young, energetic and confident

I work in the IT industry and 12-14 hours of work is common for me. When I was around 79 kgs, I started facing knee pain while running and my… Read more “Feeling young, energetic and confident”


Better health , Better me

I was chubby and fat since childhood thinking its heredity , and never took it serious . Every year i make resolutions and never fulfilled . Tried many diets earlier… Read more “Better health , Better me”

Swathi Pariti

FAT to Fab

Born in Mumbai, treating myself with various street food was usual. This did not have any impact on me till my college days. Reality soon started kicking in when I… Read more “FAT to Fab”

Shrooti Pujar

Badminton pro re-discovers his Smash! 😉

Being an avid badminton fan, the only mantra for fitness I knew was play hard and eat whatever I like – and I used to call myself a “fitness enthusiast”.… Read more “Badminton pro re-discovers his Smash! ;)”


Find your true self

I have been working in the IT industry for a decade, where life revolves around project deadlines which leads to irregular eating and sleeping habits. Like most of the people… Read more “Find your true self”


I command my life now.

Growing up I considered myself a Fit, active, and outdoor person. Then got into the IT industry which is completely indoor, got busy with late-night Bangalore lifestyle…..eating unhealthy food, odd… Read more “I command my life now.”

Sahel T.M

A young fit mommy!

Thanks RW team for making my new year goal of 2020 possible in a short span. It feels absolutely magical having achieved 20kgs weight loss in 5 months. With health… Read more “A young fit mommy!”

Divya Girish

Photophobic to photogenic

Tried many programs before Rustic wisdom, but this program was unique, due to its holistic approach and the way my coach tracked with me. I feel much lighter and energetic.… Read more “Photophobic to photogenic”

Nishith Raj S

Chubbiness to Fitness

Since my childhood, I have mostly been a chubby / bubbly kid and I grew up like that. I have started hitting gym since my teenage and have always been… Read more “Chubbiness to Fitness”

Gourav Sharan

No longer self-conscious in front of the camera!!

I was not obese but you know, I got tired of pulling my stomach inside in front of the camera. Fitting into my old t-shirts, showing my straight looks for… Read more “No longer self-conscious in front of the camera!!”