Our Philosophy Rooted In Indian Wisdom

According to ancient Indian wisdom, every cell in our body strives tirelessly towards our well-being. So why should being healthy and vibrant even be a question?

Today, it is not uncommon to see someone popping pills every day even in their mid-30s. This dependence on medication only increases in later decades. It is rare to see someone not do that in their 50s and 60s.

Simple functions like regular menstrual cycles or natural conception seem impossible without pills for many. Basic metabolism lacks the support it once had. Yet, for millennia, people have lived well, even into their late 90s, without external intervention.

So what was the wisdom of our ancestors? They surely didn’t eat “what” we eat, “how much” we eat, “when and how many times” we eat, and didn’t sit how we sit in the restroom or dining room. They didn’t wear a band and strive hard to complete 10000 steps. Their portions were mindful, and their food choices reflected the principles of cultural wisdom.

In the last 50 years, we have unconsciously made a few changes in our food habits and lifestyle by looking up to the Western culture and looking down upon ourselves. Aren’t we losing out on the distilled essence of thousands of years of rich Indian culture and wisdom?

It is time to rediscover and unearth these practices, always known to people on this land!


Back to the roots…

If we walked into a shop, even 30 years ago, there would be so many kinds of lentils. Today, it is just a toor dal, urad dal, or green gram dal. Even in Arab countries today where half the land is a desert, one can find 15 different types of cereals. India has only three or four left because we are wiping them out.

In India, almost 87 varieties of pulses, grains, legumes, and cereals have been lost for no good.

Traditionally, people eat a broad spectrum of all these daily. But if we look at our plate today, it will comprise mostly rice or wheat roti, dal, and some vegetables like potatoes. With this kind of diet, conditions like obesity, cholesterol, diabetes & arthritis become inevitable. This shift to a primary carbohydrate, single-grain diet, which has happened in the last 50 years, needs to be reversed!

And, right now!

By re-examining every aspect of our lives – how we eat, breathe, move, sleep, and conduct our daily activities – we can not only live disease-free but also thrive at the peak of our physical and mental potential.We can just like our forefathers who embraced the principles fundamental principles of Indian wisdom.

The only question is, are we willing to embrace the wisdom of our past?

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